Top 5 Reasons to Host an Employee Event this Year



Want to motivate your employees, improve loyalty and encourage engagement? Hosting a live event or conference could be the perfect way for your company to do all three.

From corporate awards banquets to destination meetings and holiday parties, employee-centered events can make a real difference in the way your business functions. Especially if you have staff members who work in different offices or locations. Bringing everyone all together has enormous benefits.



Here are the top reasons you should consider an employee-focused event.

  1. Events boost employee morale. A happy employee is a motivated employee. According to, a company that specializes in employee engagement, an employee who is happy at his or her job is 12 percent more productive than their unfulfilled counterpart. Why not keep employees satisfied and engaged by hosting a memorable and meaningful event? Events are the perfect opportunity to acknowledge their hard work and show your appreciation.

  2. In-person events strengthen the workplace community by encouraging employee bonding. They can foster team-building across all levels, too, when these kinds of activities are incorporated into the schedule. And when managers and leaders have the opportunity to interact with employees outside the workplace environment, connections happen on a more intimate and personal level. Because learning about each other unites teams.

  3. Bringing family members to events can improve work-life balance for your employees, too. Positive work-life balance has immeasurable benefits on company culture and the overall performance of your workforce. When family participates in events, employees feel valued and that the company understands the importance of life outside the workplace. Additionally, these types of gatherings provide an opportunity for family members to hear about the company’s goals and objectives.

  4. Employee appreciation activities allow an organization to demonstrate loyalty to employees. Showing team members how much they are appreciated, and that their contributions make a difference to the company, can improve employee satisfaction. Research shows that satisfied employees stick around.

  5. Events, especially ones that include trainings and time set aside for social activities, allow like-minded individuals to gather and share best practices. Being in an environment with other employees who are passionate about their jobs ignites excitement among team members, too. And excited, energized employees perform better.

Improved morale, a stronger company culture, improved work-life balance, and loyal employees who are excited about their jobs? Sounds like a recipe for success, and the top benefits of hosting an employee event.

Now that you’re convinced, let Enliven Production Group help you begin planning. With decades of experience and expertise, our team can help you develop a program that will help drive your business forward and meet your company’s goals, always within your budget. Contact us today.

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