Production Company Best Practices

Event Production Company Best Practices - Part 1

Whether you’re just getting started with live events or you’re a seasoned pro, the process can still feel overwhelming. That’s where an event design/production company comes in. Here are the top best practices of event design and production companies from initial interview to proposal stage.

Make the Most of Your Big Presentation

It doesn’t matter whether you have a lot or a little information to share with your customers, stakeholders and employees. You want to ensure your presentation is clear, informative, well put together, can be easily accessed – and most importantly – doesn’t encounter any hiccups when it comes time for the big show. So how can you maximize the success of your presentation, or those of your guest speakers and lecturers?

Top 5 Reasons to Host an Employee Event this Year

From corporate awards banquets to destination meetings and holiday parties, employee-centered events can make a real difference in the way your business functions. Especially if you have staff members who work in different offices or locations. Bringing everyone all together has enormous benefits. Here are the top reasons you should consider an employee-focused event...

We Have You Covered; Your Presentations are Safe with Us

Whether you’re an established, multi-million-dollar company or a brand-new start up, keeping business files and sensitive information about your organization secure is a sacred duty. Sharing that information outside the organization can be worrisome, even when you’re presenting at a conference, seminar or corporate meeting. What happens if those documents or data fall into the wrong hands?