Make the Most of Your Big Presentation

It doesn’t matter whether you have a lot or a little information to share with your customers, stakeholders and employees. You want to ensure your presentation is clear, informative, well put together, can be easily accessed – and most importantly – doesn’t encounter any hiccups when it comes time for the big show. So how can you maximize the success of your presentation, or those of your guest speakers and lecturers?

Peace of Mind Is the Goal for Speakers

Where would your event be without the presenters who share your message, sell a product or service, promote an idea or roll out new benefits? And yet those wrangling them is hard! The Enliven event production team herds them like the unruly cats they are. We asked Alberto Rodriguez, Speaker Ready Room Technician and Graphic Artist, to tell us about how acting as liaison with speakers ensures outstanding events for clients.

We Have You Covered; Your Presentations are Safe with Us

Whether you’re an established, multi-million-dollar company or a brand-new start up, keeping business files and sensitive information about your organization secure is a sacred duty. Sharing that information outside the organization can be worrisome, even when you’re presenting at a conference, seminar or corporate meeting. What happens if those documents or data fall into the wrong hands?

Don't Panic. It's Just a High-Level Event with Your Name on it.

Your executive team comes to you…”Let’s hold a conference.” You handle a lot of projects for your firm but wouldn’t exactly call yourself an event planner. How hard could this be though? Figure out the who, what, when and wheres. Management can keep the why. Seriously, before you make a call to an event production company to “put on a show,” be absolutely sure you’re NOT making these common mistakes...