6 + 1 Key Event Components for 2019

Ever feel like something’s missing? That pinch of salt or spice in a recipe? That perfect accessory to complete an outfit or tie the room together? The final flourish on a painting? Unfortunately, we at Enliven Production Group see essential features too often being missed by others when planning their events. This article will review six key event components that are pivotal for 2019, plus one exciting technology that's gaining ground at events, and should be considered for your next corporate gathering, too.

Enliven Show Review - Q1, 2019

Enliven’s busy first quarter has meant conducting multiple conferences and meetings from coast to coast at some of the most beautiful venues in the country. We’re excited to share two of these events that both happened in Southern California.  However, with respect to our first clients’ wish to remain anonymous, we’ll only discuss the venue and event details.

The Importance of Stage Design - Part 2

In Part 1, you learned about the importance of stage design from a branding perspective. To quickly recap, incorporating your brand into your event design establishes and reinforces your company’s identity. It provides meaning and helps align all aspects of your business and company culture. Plus it tells your attendees that you’ve given good consideration to create the right environment. Now let’s talk about the other elements of stage design.

Enliven Your Event

The idea that everyone wants to give their attendees something to talk about during and after an event, and to heighten their anticipation for the next event, remains true. The right buzz can strengthen your brand, bolster loyalty, transform your company’s culture, and boost your future attendance. You don’t have to blow the lid off your event attendees’ expectations, but, as they say, every little bit helps.