Peace of Mind is the Goal for Speakers



"Every day, for every client, at every event."

Where would your event be without the presenters who share your message, sell a product or service, promote an idea or roll out new benefits? And yet those wrangling them is hard! The Enliven event production team herds them like the unruly cats they are. We asked Alberto Rodriguez, Speaker Ready Room Technician and Graphic Artist, to tell us about how acting as liaison with speakers ensures outstanding events for clients.

Q: What’s your role as Speaker Ready Room Technician?

AR: During an event, my primary role as the speaker ready room technician is to manage the slide presentations for every meeting, such as a PowerPoint presentation. This includes presentations for general sessions, sessions broken into specific tracks, breakout rooms, luncheons and anywhere else presentations will be given. I also oversee and distribute digital signage information for meeting room schedules, meeting updates, general information and venue directions.

Before we begin, I am available to review any presentation to make sure the formatting is perfect, and make any last-minute revisions on the spot. This gives the presenters additional confidence for delivering their message to the audience.

Q: That’s a lot of moving parts. Where do you start?

AR: It takes a team of highly skilled, hardworking and dedicated team members, for sure. My job starts before an event takes place. Weeks, days and hours prior to a program, I am available to review presentations to make sure they will look good on the screen. This accessibility gives presenters peace of mind.

Q: What advice do you have for event speakers to make events flow smoothly?

AR: We highly recommend each presenter make checking into the Speaker Ready Room their first stop after arriving and registering for the event. During an event, the presenters are extremely busy and focused on accomplishing their goals. They don’t have time to deal with the minutia of event planning. The check in, and the safe and proper management of their presentation files, has a direct and positive impact on each attendee’s experience, and helps promote and maintain the company’s high standards of branding.

Q: Tell us more about producing graphic content for speaker presentations and company branding? Why is branding so important?

AR: When promoting a company’s brand and message, designing and implementing custom graphics is big part of it. It’s the first ‘wow’ factor every employee, customer and event attendee sees that captures their attention and helps define the nature and purpose of the event. Whether it’s a relaunch of the company’s logo, graphics for the registration desks, website, social media, digital presentations, or more, graphics have to look great, promote a purpose, and be designed with standards in place to ensure continuity. Company branding brings recognition and the reinforcement of ideals to the attendees. Consistency in the graphics helps tie everything together and creates a strong impact.

Q: What prepared you for this vital job at events?

AR: My professional experience has always put me in direct contact with customers. During an event, the presenters are extremely busy and very focused on accomplishing multiple goals. My strong customer service skills help me interact positively with every customer in what can be a stressful environment. Plus, my expertise allows me to provide information and guidance to help speakers deliver successful presentations.

My mantra is simple: I am committed to success. Every day, for every client, at every event. That is what clients and attendees expect and it’s what we always deliver at Enliven Production Group.

All of Enliven’s efforts in the Speaker Ready Room are designed to provide clients with the best experience possible during their event. By supporting event speakers and ensuring their presentations run smoothly and look great, Enliven creates world-class events that comes off without a hitch.

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