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Jesse Martinez

Lead Video Technician


Jesse lovingly cares for everything related to video, both here at Enliven’s warehouse and at the event sites. He also makes sure that the right video equipment gets to and from events in a timely fashion, and the everything is accounted for and tested when it arrives. 

An old school A/V guy, Jesse’s degree in electronics landed him multiple jobs fixing them – televisions, film and slide projectors, and tape machines – all the things that today are computerized and increasingly complicated. He’s become an expert in troubleshooting audio visual equipment now, a result of the positions held at various production houses and event venues. He’s Barco projector and Christie® Digital Systems’ Spyder Switcher certified.

Jesse likes working at Enliven because, “We provide an all-encompassing solution for the customer. We design and manage content for customers, and we provide all their technical equipment needs. We’re a one-stop shop and a great environment. I love coming to work every day because I learn a lot at shows and from our clients, too. All the presentations are fascinating and inspiring.”

This father of two is about to become an empty nester. He’s looking forward to spending time on his family’s property near Wickenburg, Arizona, where he wants to eventually farm. “My wife has a green thumb and the soil there is perfect for growing food. We’ll try to donate what we don’t use to food banks, too.”