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Dustin ChristLieb

Information Technology Manager


Solving IT issues comes as second nature to Dustin, whose experience with technology started as a teenager when he ran the local movie house’s digital projection systems and servers. At just 17, he was responsible for maintaining, updating and managing the technology for 14 theaters – everything from previews to lighting cues to the feature attraction. 

A self-taught, self-professed Overwatch gaming addict, he also built his first computer around this time. “Upgrading my computer constantly to keep up with new technology really drove my knowledge. I’m really good at learning software and systems,” he says.

Learning and managing technology, everything from maintaining Enliven’s office computers and IT equipment, to working on shows running and overseeing private networks, digital signage and presentations, is something Dustin enjoys. He ensures quality control, sets up on-site systems, and troubleshoots issues. He likes wearing many hats and doing a lot of different things.

Dustin’s previous experience includes managing digital photo processing machinery at Shutterfly and deploying Wi-Fi networking to Discount Tire stores. He’s proficient in network security best practices, planning and implementing technology. He’s on track to earn several IT certifications this year, including A+ and Google Cloud Administration.

An amateur photographer, Dustin’s favorite camera is a Nikon D3300, digital, of course. He focuses on cityscapes – the skylines and infrastructure that make a city what it is.