AUDIO ONLY - Webcast Package

AUDIO ONLY - Webcast Package

from 950.00

With the RegFD Webcast Package you will receive:

  • A unique RegFD webcast link to post on your website or publish in a press release
  • A live audio webcast in:
    • Adobe Flash™ 
    • "HLS" .m3u8 Stream (for iPhone/iPad)
  • The ability to include your company logo on your webcast page
  • Unlimited viewer access to your webcast
  • A registration page that viewers complete in order to access your webcast
  • Webcast archive available on-demand for 90 days

Once you complete your purchase of a RegFD Webcast Package we will send a unique URL or “link” to you via email approximately two weeks prior to the event.  The “link” will remain active for ninety (90) days following your live presentation, at which time a report of all activity regarding viewers of your link will be emailed directly to you.

Service Package:
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