Four Mistakes You Never Want To Make When Planning An Event

You handle a lot of projects for your firm but wouldn’t exactly call yourself an event planner. Nevertheless, you’re the one chosen for the honor of planning the big event. So you ask yourself, “How hard could this really be? I’ll just figure out the who, what, when and where and call a hotel…

Before you make a call to anyone - be absolutely sure you’re NOT making one of these four common mistakes. Because any one of them can kill your credibility and the good will your company has with employees, clients and suppliers.

Why You Can’t Afford Not to Have an Event

Training is easy to justify, even with the price tag for the event, especially if you have a large, spread out staff and need to bring them together. But there are other reasons to hold a meeting or event that are just as valid, or maybe more so. Like announcing or reinforcing your company’s future direction, goals and objectives. Or establishing yourself in today’s competitive marketplace. Or promoting your company’s brand, fostering sales and building confidence. Ultimately, each one of these reasons applies to both internal and external audiences. Let’s break them down.