Amplifying Our Brand - 2017



Letter from the President

When I started Enliven Production Group in 2002, I understood the need to create a production-savvy, top tier corporate event production company that always put the needs of the customer first.  After all, it was these qualities that had served me very well in building a loyal following of clients in years past.  This drive to develop a team that truly is client-focused above all else became all consuming as Enliven grew into a one-of-a-kind organization offering an ever expanding range of services.

As our client list expanded internationally to include some very large high-profile companies, so did our core staff and project teams.  We rapidly outgrew facilities quicker than we had time to look for new ones, forcing us to move 5 times in the last 15 years.  Each move provided us a larger facility (in some cases nearly doubling our space) than we previously occupied and thus allowed us to expand our capacity and service offerings even further.  While all of this growth was taking place, somewhere along the way we forgot to apply to Enliven one of our own rules, one we apply daily to our events; The Brand, The Brand, The Brand.

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The Brand:  The reason we are all at a corporate meeting, conference or event. It’s the essence, the theme, the look, the feel, the emotions, the service, the sounds, the smells, the excitement. It’s everything, the entire experience from start to finish!

Enliven’s brand had somehow remained a closely guarded secret by our teams and clients. Well, not really by our clients, as every client we have has in some way come from another client. Our amazing clients have been our best, and for quite some time our only, sales force.

It’s now 2017 and Enliven has made it to the 15 year mark.  In celebration of this milestone we are re-committing to brand “Enliven” and will be sharing it for all the world to see all in our new blogs and social media postings. As we head out on this journey we invite you to see us undertake some exciting new challenges including, the reveal of our brand new facility, a new logo / image package, also to meet our teams, understand our work and the philosophies we engage to get it done on behalf of our clients, as well as some tips to make your next corporate production the best ever.

On behalf of our entire team, I hope you engage with us as we begin to tell the story of brand Enliven Production Group!