Enliven Show Review - Q2, 2019

Enliven’s second quarter was even busier than the first. We produced back-to-back conferences across the country at some of the most exquisite resorts in the U.S. The two events we share here took place in Las Vegas and Boston. However, because we respect our clients' wishes to remain anonymous, we’ll only discuss the venues and event details for the first event.

Credit: Jesse Williams, Wynn Resorts

Credit: Jesse Williams, Wynn Resorts

Encore at Wynn Las Vegas – The Client’s First Choice

Our first event took place at the Encore at Wynn Las Vegas, also called Encore Las Vegas, or simply Encore. This luxury resort, casino and hotel on the Las Vegas Strip is connected to its sister hotel, The Wynn Las Vegas. Both properties are owned by Wynn Resorts, and combined are considered the seventh largest hotel in the world. Although there are many hotels in Las Vegas, throughout the city’s history only a few have ever achieved true world-class status, making Encore’s accolades impressive:

  • AAA Five Diamond Award; received every year since opening

  • The Best Hotel in Las Vegas; Condé Nast Traveler Magazine

  • Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star Award; multiple awards every year since 2016

Jointly, Encore and Wynn Las Vegas hold more Forbes five-star awards than any other casino-resort, and are considered among the finest resorts in the world. (Source: Wynn Meetings Resources/Awards).

It’s no wonder then, that the Encore was our client’s venue of choice. This event took place in the Brahms Ballroom and Patio for more than 80 VIP attendees. The ballroom was divided into two equal halves, the first for the general session meetings, and the second, along with the patio, for multiple 1-on-1 sessions. 

For the general session, the stage and scenic elements were designed to make a statement. Attendees first noticed an all-white, carpeted and trimmed stage flanked with two custom white staircases that spanned the full width of the stage. On stage sat four white leather chairs separated by small white beverage tables, plus an elegant, clear acrylic lectern with aluminum accents. Two 10’-8” wide edgeless projection screens were suspended on either side of the stage. These outer screens displayed duplicate images of master and holding slides, presentations, videos and other digital content. A third, smaller 8’ wide edgeless screen floated over the center of the stage to display the company’s logo and other brand-related graphics. 

All three screens were suspended in front of a 44’ wide scenic backdrop consisting of three horizontal rows of 8’ x 2’ white flat panels, equally spaced and distributed to create a symmetrical pattern. These panels floated in front of a black velour drape wall spanning the full length of the room. Multiple blue LED lights placed on the floor behind the stage up-lit the white panels. All these floating layers gave the scenic element an elegant, three-dimensional look. 

State of the Art Visuals & Audio

High-end 10K lumen laser projectors suspended from overhead trusses beamed content to these screens. This new laser technology provided state-of-the-art image clarity and superior reliability over older lamp-sourced projectors. A full digital video switching system with multiple show computers, each designated for presentations and videos, allowed for ultimate system flexibility. 

The sound system featured a cutting-edge digital mixing console with appropriate effects and accessories, two narrow, column-style powered speakers with subwoofers, multiple channels of ultra-high-quality wireless mics, and a gooseneck mic mounted on the lectern. Pristine, evenly distributed audio could be clearly heard in every corner of the room. A full stage-wash white LED lighting system, also flown from the overhead truss, properly illuminated every presenter and panelist.

Two 40” video monitors were placed on the floor in front of the stage, shrouded in solid white surround panels. One monitor displayed the presentations, the second displayed a large count-down timer to keep all speakers timely and on track. For additional support, a 65” video monitor stood on a 5’ stand at the back of the room, displaying the presentations as well. The tech booth, positioned in the rear corner of the room, was surrounded with matching solid white panels for an extremely clean appearance.

Last but not least, custom exotic wood end tables were placed between every two sets of audience chairs - completely transforming the look of the room into an intimate, sophisticated setting.

Credit: Jesse Williams, Wynn Resorts

Credit: Jesse Williams, Wynn Resorts

Privacy & Ambiance with Lighting and Plants

The second half of the ballroom held the 1-on-1 sessions. Because these sessions were primarily private discussions, the room’s design emphasis leaned to decor rather than technology. Privacy for fifteen 1-on-1 booth stations was created by using twenty-nine 4’ x 5’ free-standing panels, each wrapped in company brand printed fabric. The panels were arranged in a slightly overlapping pattern, some with right-angles, to create partitions for the stations. Several booths were furnished with white leather couches and chairs, company brand-colored throw pillows, a white coffee table and two end tables. These booths were equipped with recharging stations for smartphones and other electronics. The remaining booths comprised large cocktail rounds, each surrounded by four white leather bar stools. The dividing wall between the general session half of the ballroom and this half, also known as an air-wall, was adorned with four 10’ fabric printed panels displaying the company’s logo and event graphics.

As for technology in this room, a 40” video monitor mounted to a 5’ tall metal stand wrapped in company brand printed fabric was placed just inside the entryway. A 65” monitor on a 5’ fabric wrapped stand was centered on a side wall. Both monitors displayed looping promotional videos. A dozen blue LED up-lights were placed on the floor around the room’s perimeter, which combined with an assortment of trees and plants distributed throughout, provided a soothing ambiance. 

Fifteen additional 1-on-1 stations were assembled outside on the adjoining covered patio. Several stations consisted of couches, chairs, company brand-colored throw pillows and coffee tables. Some high rectangular tables surrounded with bar stools were outfitted with recharging stations, while other areas featured tall cocktail rounds with bar stools. Here as well, an assortment of plants and trees added to the ambiance.

Lastly, five digital signs, mounted vertically on tall metal stands wrapped in company brand printed fabric, were placed in the hallway near the room entrances. These signs received real-time agenda updates over a secure, private network to keep the attendees up to date. 

Intercontinental Boston.jpg

InterContinental, Boston

The second conference, for Stifel, a full-service brokerage and investment banking firm, was held at the InterContinental, Boston, a luxurious contemporary hotel overlooking Boston’s historic waterfront. The service and accommodations here are world class as well. 

This large conference consisted of a general session room, one panelist room, eight track rooms, and a two desk Speaker Ready station placed in the lobby. Each room featured full technology and scenic elements. 

Stifel understands the importance of good branding techniques, and had branded scenic elements installed throughout the resort. From the minute attendees entered the lobby on the first floor, they were greeted with the Stifel brand. On all three floors used for the event, variously sized picture frames, some 8’ tall, contained the company logo and related graphics. Framed banners printed with station titles and information were placed over and behind various desks including registration and the Speaker Ready stations. Even the desks themselves were branded. And for a finishing touch, Stifel stickers were placed at select floor locations and spaced across the clear glass escalator panels. The object was to tastefully turn the interior of the InterContinental into the “Stifel” hotel. It was so well done, attendees may not have realized these alterations were temporary.

Secure Systems for Speakers & Panelists

The Speaker Ready desks each contained a computer with two monitors: one for the technicians and a second duplicate display facing outward for the speakers to check their presentations. The computers, connected to a secure, private network system, allowed each approved presentation to be pushed to its appropriate room. Ten digital signs mounted to metal stands wrapped in company brand printed fabric, plus four recharging stations coupled with 22” digital signs, were strategically placed throughout the venue. All signs were connected to the network to receive real-time updates throughout the event. 


The panelist and eight track rooms were located on the second and third floors. The larger rooms were outfitted with 10’ wide front projection screens suspended in front of a custom branded, three-dimensional scenic stand. A 7K lumen HD digital projector, set atop 10’ high truss towers wrapped in black fabric, provided visual content. Smaller rooms received an 82” Ultra HD video monitor mounted to the same style three-dimensional scenic stand. All rooms were equipped with a full video switching system, dedicated show computers connected to the network, a digital audio system with full effects and accessories, multiple channels of ultra-high-quality wireless mics, gooseneck lectern mics, and two powered speakers on stands. Several white LED lights mounted on the truss towers provided ample lighting for each stage. A custom lectern with branded sign, several white leather chairs and end tables were placed on each stage. To complete the look, three branded scenic flats were placed behind each stage in front of a full-length gray velour drape wall. 

Each room also contained a 40” video down-stage monitor, also known as a DSM or confidence monitor, placed on the floor facing the stage. These monitors duplicated the projected presentations so the speakers would never have to look away from their audience. The tech booths in the back were surrounded by 4’ high black drape. Live webcasting and audio recording services were provided for all sessions. 

Last, we installed a global time clock system to provide synchronized speaker time information over the network. Each room, including the general session, had a large digital display mounted high at the back of the room, counting down the remaining time for each session. Clearly visible from the stage, these displays helped keep every room’s speakers, panelists and ultimately the entire event, on track.


General Session Flexibility 

The venue’s Rose Kennedy Ballroom sections 3 – 5 held the general session. This room was used for daily breakfasts, keynote luncheons, and an evening reception featuring concert entertainment. For the daily sessions, a 40’ x 8’ stage was fitted with a custom, solid gray carpet. It supported one custom gray lectern with a branded sign, and as many as four white leather chairs and end tables. Numbers were adjusted depending on each session’s needs. A 24’ wide company brand printed backdrop was produced to complete the look of the stage.

A 90’ black velour drape wall spanned the length of the room behind the stage. Two 14’ wide edgeless front projection screens were suspended on either side of the stage, creating a floating effect. Images displayed on these screens were produced by two 10K lumen laser projectors hung overhead on black trusses. A full digital video switching system, including dedicated show computers for all visual content, provided great system flexibility. For speaker support, a 40” DSM video monitor was placed on the floor in front of the stage, surrounded with black fabric for a sophisticated look. A remote-controlled camera system consisting of two HD cameras suspended from the overhead truss, two control stations and a camera switching system placed in the tech booth, fed a projector in the adjoining foyer as an attendee overflow system. Two powered audio speakers on stands provided the sound for this system.

An advanced digital audio system was provided.  It included all necessary effects, processors and accessories, a powerful ground-supported concert line array speaker and subwoofer system, plus several powered center-fill speakers. Crystal clear sound was evenly distributed throughout the room. Multiple channels of ultra-high-quality wireless mics and a gooseneck mic mounted on the lectern rounded out the system. 

Eight white LED lights, hung from the upstage (front) truss overhead, provided perfect lectern and stage wash lighting. Several robotic lights, flown overhead on both upstage and downstage (front and back) trusses, produced moving and changing color effects for stage and room ambiance as well as backdrop lighting. A high-end digital lighting console allowed full system programmability and control. 


Concert Capability

For the mid-event evening reception, Stifel treated their attendees to a concert featuring Old Dominion, a successful, top country music band from Nashville. Following that day’s keynote luncheon, the entire ballroom was quickly transformed for the concert. The dividing air-walls were removed from sections 1 and 2, previously used as two of the eight track rooms, their entire sets strategically struck for the concert. These track rooms were to be reset after the concert. 

First, the stage was expanded to 28’ deep to accommodate the performers. The main audio system was supplemented with a full concert line-array speaker system flown from the truss. Additional audio equipment was added to complete the front of house (main PA) system. A digital audio monitor console, effects, and monitor-speaker system were added to the stage for the band to properly hear themselves. Additional robotic lights were added to bring the total to 34 units. Two follow-spots were assembled atop 6’ high towers, draped in fabric, and staged in the back of the room. All this was accomplished in time for the band to perform a full rehearsal before the reception started at 6 p.m. 

The concert, and the whole event, was a great success. Enliven received tremendously positive feedback. That, of course, is our ultimate goal - complete client satisfaction.

Enliven Your Next Event 

We hope this article gives you insight into the creative capabilities we provide to clients large and small, across the country. Please contact us if you would like to experience the same at your next corporate event.

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