The Real Value of Event Design



Does it Make Good Sense to Order Your Own A/V Equipment for Your Event?

Today, you can order audio-visual equipment almost anywhere. Even if your venue doesn’t have an in-house A/V department, they’ll have a preferred vendor available. Ordering your own technical equipment seems like a cost-effective approach, right? So what’s the benefit of hiring an event design company?

“The smartest business decision you can make is to hire qualified people. Bringing the right people on board saves you thousands, and your business will run smoothly and efficiently.”
Brian Tracy, Entrepreneur

Actually, the first question you should ask is whether your event only needs to be a workshop, or should it be an extension of your marketing efforts. If you only need simple technical support, such as a mic, projector and screen for PowerPoint presentations, that’s easy enough for in-house staff to handle.



Rethinking Events

But what if your event could help you understand how well your connecting with your audience, how the attendees honestly feel about your message, product or service, and provide all this information in real time to give you the insight to grow your business? If this is the case, you need event design.  

Understand, an event can be designed to create growth in several ways, each producing different results. The most common desire is for an event to help increase your company’s sales and revenue, like successfully motivating your sales team or launching a new product or service. Other ways include building employee loyalty by executing a heartfelt award or recognition program, or maybe celebrating your company’s achievements. It could include the effective and efficient transfer of information in a training or educational conference. Or it could bring all your employees together to one place, at one time, to efficiently align your company values and establish a strong company culture. And in some cases, it’s a major conference that combines several or all of these goals.

Help! Who Do I Call?

To achieve successful events like these, you need to consult with a team that has years of event experience, and one that only uses proven solutions. You want a team that takes the time to learn about your business, your company goals and objectives first, then helps you explore the possibilities of how you can achieve them during your event.  This is a far cry from simply taking an a/v order.

The audio-visual equipment is important, there’s no doubt. But to a true, full-service event design company, that’s the last piece of the puzzle. There is so much more that needs to be designed, developed and produced before the equipment is considered.

Enliven Production Group is a Full-Service
Media Communications and Event Design Company

Each of Enliven’s services can be placed into one of the three categories listed in our company’s description – full service, media communications and event design. Let’s break them down so you get a better understanding of what we offer.

Full Service: We offer everything you need to conduct an event. Like:

  • Technical Production - audio, visual and lighting equipment

  • Scenic Elements - backdrops and decor

  • Graphic Design - master slides, digital signage, marketing materials

  • Content Management - inspect, organize and securely deliver speaker presentations

  • Custom Mobile Event App - event information and interactive services for smart devices

  • Presenter Services - stage coaching and speech writing

  • Video & Audio Production - promotional, documentary, training modules, and more

  • Print Materials - banners, fabric for scenic elements and furniture such as registration booths

  • Keynote Speakers and Entertainment - the right choices to compliment your event

Media Communications: These services communicate your message to the audience. The most common are the audio, visual and lighting systems used at the event. There are several options for attendees physically attending the event, and those who can only participate virtually. These are:

  • Webcasting

  • Video Streaming

  • Podcasting

  • Interactive Audience Response

  • Polling, Voting and Survey Services

Event Design: For us, this is the most important group of services, and where we really shine. It’s our design team’s years of experience that help ensure your program’s success and drive measurable results. Our goal with every customer is to:

  • Learn about your company and discover the full purpose of your event

  • Help define the event goals and objectives

  • Advise the right production and technical services to generate success

  • Produce content that reflects your voice and clearly delivers your message

  • Design the event with proof of ROI (return on investment)

  • Assign the same design team members to execute the event to prevent translation loss

  • Execute the event properly to insure success and growth

As you can see, Enliven truly is a one-stop-shop for event production. And we would love to help you design your next event.

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