Why You Need Enliven’s Event App



Here at Enliven, we stay on top of trends, tips and technology. It is essential in this quickly evolving industry that we remain open to better solutions to managing events and communicating information during these events. An event app from Enliven is one of the most exciting and versatile solutions in today’s event industry.

What is An Event App?

If you’re not aware, you may be wondering what an event app is. Put simply, an event app provides a  quick and convenient way for someone to access information from a specific event such as schedules, maps, meeting content and notes, and do it all from their smartphone, tablet or laptop. More elaborate versions, such as Enliven’s, let attendees participate live during an event through features like Q&A (question and answer), ratings, polling, surveys, networking, gamification, and more.  People can register or change their registration through the app. Enliven’s app can even provide live and post analytics to let you you examine your event’s success. Event apps meet your attendees where they are on the technology spectrum, no matter the device.

That’s pretty cool, right?  

Why Choose Enliven’s Event App?

Now that you’re aware, you’ll soon notice there are many event apps to choose from.  So what makes Enliven’s app so special? Is it that we streamline the assembly process for you, or that our app is feature rich with all the latest and greatest components? That’s a good start, but the real magic comes from our people who custom design each app for every specific event. Through years of event experience, our designers have the knowledge to recommend and customize the components that will compliment and promote “your” specific industry, “your” business, “your” event.  Plus, they’ll heavily consider the demographics of your attendees, all to help maximize the most important aspect; engagement. This is not something you can easily do with an off-the-shelf app.



It’s All About Engagement

Enliven’s clients have been thrilled with our event apps. Why? Because we turn the goals of their programs into strategic lineups of features – the who, what, when, where, why and how of their conference, training, celebration or other event. And we work to ensure that each successive app is better than the one before. That promotes event participation.

Engagement is the primary reason why our clients trust us to develop their event app in the first place. Because you do have choices for event apps; there are many off-the-shelf products, and there are other app developers. According to CrowdCompass' Mobile App Benchmark Report, the average adoption rate for event apps is 48.5%. Enliven’s event apps average over 67%, with several client’s engagement rates coming in at over a whopping 80%.

Well, It’s Not Just About Engagement

Again, engagement is extremely important. But when 80% of your attendees are using your event app, you must trust that the app is secure. Apps can have direct access to registration systems and other live data that’s continually being updated. At Enliven, we only partner with security solutions that understand the importance of handling and actively maintaining highly sensitive and proprietary company information in the safest and most secure way possible. Trust in data integrity and security is key for us and our clients.



It’s About Customization

It’s our full customization capability that sets Enliven’s event app apart.  This freedom gives us the ability to configure and customize each component to suit your attendees’ needs, heighten your brand, and deliver your message in ways that far exceed simple company logo uploads and event schedules - making this all-in-one technology a must-have for your program. If there is a “can it do this?” conversation, we figure out creative ways to say “Absolutely!”

To learn more about our app’s many capabilities:

It’s About The Bottom Line

We believe that mobile apps are a key piece of the user experience. But as passionate as we are about technology working for our clients and their attendees, we’re not about making more work for them. So it’s not just the app features, it’s what we do with them. We take the analytics and user feedback personally. If it doesn’t work well, or doesn’t provide the information they need, or not enough attendees are using them at the event, we haven’t succeeded in our goals.

“Our focus is creating as perfect an event as our clients want,” says Suzi Tryonas, Enliven’s Media Engagement Specialist. “Our customers appreciate how deeply we get involved, our care, and how we streamline the process for them, all to deliver a product that clearly affects their ROI.”

This is why Enliven has been on the cutting edge of event apps since 2012. That’s a long time in the tech world, and definitely before EVERYONE had a smart device or mobile phone. And also why you need Enliven’s event app now.

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