The Right APProach to Event Technology

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Apps, those quick, easy ways to stay connected, have become an increasingly expected part of the live event experience. The number of planners and organizations using mobile apps has skyrocketed, which made 2017 a big year for the event technology industry.  The same     will hold true for 2018.

With Apple’s changes to app guidelines, and incredible progress in smart device technologies, 2018 promises elevated user experiences, and an exciting time to be a partner for organizations looking to add the app dynamic to programs.

At the core, a well-organized event app is key. The right app can:

  1. Keep attendees current by putting all the content and connections they need in the palm of their hands before, during and after the event. Instant updates keep users moving towards your end goal of engagement.

  2. Encourage presenters, companies, attendees, sponsors and organizers to interact with each other and the program in new ways that help foster professional, productive networks.

  3. Capture valuable feedback through live Q&A sessions, polling, ratings, and surveys.

  4. Monetize and promote sponsors through different layers that blend naturally with the content in your app for a personalized experience.

  5. Measure app adoption and engagement with social content, and other metrics in real-time to amplify what works and fix what doesn’t.

  6. Reduce or eliminate paper, printing costs, and countless hours proofing and packaging.

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As a planner, you see the benefits. How do you get the executive team on board? Maybe you need the app to have very specific functionality, but don’t have time to sort through systems and sales people? Maybe you need to incorporate a mobile event app into your programs, but don’t know where to start? Don’t let budget, technical knowledge, time to manage, or other unknowns hold you back.

Enliven Production Group makes it easy. We have the right resources for every technical need, and our mobile event apps are no different. Our apps not only meet industry standards but are leading the way in innovative event app functions and features. Additionally, we take privacy and security as a top priority and are on task for meeting the upcoming (and rigid) EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) privacy laws. We understand that it’s not your job to know all of the details in mobile apps though, it’s ours.

Each mobile event app we create has a robust set of “standard” features and components that will help you realize your event’s ROI:

  1. Highest level of secure access and information storage.

  2. Integration with your registration systems as well as branded confirmation emails.

  3. Marketing materials for you to email or print that give step by step access to the app, key features to explore, and a direct line to a real person for questions and technical issues.

  4. User-friendly configurations that deliver all the event details.

  5. On trend features that meet your engagement goals such as social media and photos, live surveys and pollings, creative gamification, and more.

Enliven assigns each client a dedicated Project Manager who understands your event, building the perfect electronic app experience to complement it, meticulously managing the data, and delivering detailed user analytics that prove your ROI. Your app is custom, because no two events are the same.

Looking to take your event to the next level of user interaction?

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Had experience with mobile apps at events before? Let us know what you loved or hated.