Networking at Events Brings Big Benefits



Why do you go to events like seminars, conferences or corporate meetings?

If you say to learn something about a product, service or opportunity, that’s great. But do you think about meeting people there? Because based on our experience, that’s the primary reason to attend events.

The term “networking” is thrown around in the business world quite a lot. Really, it’s just meeting people, finding out what they do, and how you can help them. And help is a small word for a big concept. Help could mean buying something from them or their company. It could mean connecting them with a resource (people are resources, by the way). It could mean providing them with an answer to a question or solution to a problem.

All of that works in reverse, too. People you meet at events might buy something from you or your company, connect you with a resource or person, or give you the perfect solution to a question or problem you have.

Networking also allows connection with like-minded individuals who share the same jobs or careers, hobbies and/or philanthropic passions. Where do you meet those people? If you guessed we were going to say “at events,” you win a prize!

Jeff Sprecher, Chairman of the New York Stock Exchange, shared his experiences with networking in a blog he wrote for His final point (among several good ones) in maximizing your networking efforts, is to understand that networking is not transactional. In other words, don’t ask for anything in return. Networking is about the long game. It absolutely takes time and energy. And the result can be a diverse network of interesting and influential people both inside and outside your present career field. At some point, these relationships will prove invaluable.

close up of miniature people with social network diagram on open

So next time you’re thinking about skipping that corporate event, conference or meeting, look at your attendance as an opportunity to build your personal and/or professional network. Because the best corporate events, especially the ones planned and executed by Enliven Production Group, include time to meet, talk and get to know your fellow attendees.

Developing a strong and successful network is necessary for revealing useful and productive information. To learn how Enliven Production Group structures events to enhance participant networking, contact us.