10 Great Reasons Why You Should Attend a Corporate Event



Discover The Significant Value In Attending Events

In addition to the obvious financial investment, designing and hosting a corporate event requires a fair amount of time and hard work.  For these reasons, companies need to maximize the return on their investment (ROI) by having their message clearly heard and understood.  Attendees also want a great ROI, knowing their time was well spent.  If designed and executed properly, the benefits everyone receives from participating in a face-to-face meeting is immeasurable. Here’s a list of examples:

  • Live events allow businesses to address their entire target audience at once, delivering their message with maximum impact.

  • In today’s virtual world, participating in a live event helps solidify customer interest, heightens trust, and strengthens loyalty.

  • They provide businesses networking with clients, as well as employers and employees, the face time to network and develop strong relationships that can’t be achieved through digital communication.

  • They provide an opportunity for presenters and attendees to collaborate and brainstorm, share ideas and best practices, raise awareness, and develop solutions.

  • Removing participants from their traditional surroundings, daily distractions and comfort zones, helps enable clear and unhindered focus and attention.

  • They break the monotony of day-to-day routines and help re-energize stakeholder’s passions for the company and its brand.

  • They help increase company morale, business satisfaction and pride within an organization. In turn, this level of investment encourages company “ownership” and an increased drive for success.

  • Events provide the environment to align company values and drive home company goals and objectives that are necessary to take their brand to the next level.

  • The atmosphere of an event is typically very positive and energizing, which boosts customer’s interest and excitement, and enhances employee passion, drive and overall morale. Plus, it make newcomers feel more comfortable and welcomed.

  • Attending an event is an act of self investment. Attendees experience growth by becoming more informed and by learning what’s most important for career advancement or for choosing the right products or services. Business owners experience firsthand how their stakeholders react to their message, which provides valuable insight needed to grow their company.

Other benefits of in-person corporate events

Today there’s a trend for destination events – think Maui, Vail, or the Bahamas – which provide participants with the eagerness and drive to meet goals. Adding activities such as entertainment and off-site excursions produces an added level of excitement, and helps promote team building. Professional keynote speakers, including dignitaries, politicians, artists and celebrities, can be hired to inspire and generate motivation. Some events are fundraisers or ones that partner with nonprofit organizations.  Nonprofit followers are very passionate about their cause, and events of this nature allow them to simultaneously support an organization, plus network and develop relationships they may not otherwise have had access to.  And for the attendees who aren’t supporters yet, it offers an opportunity to learn and participate. 

Regardless of its size or duration, a well-designed event will be invaluable, desirable, engaging, and memorable to all attendees.

With years of experience, Enliven Production Group knows just how to design corporate meetings that promote your brand, engage your participants, and produce positive results.  Contact us today to discuss the benefits of hosting an in-person meeting.