Speaker Ready for Success



What is a Speaker Ready Room and why is it important to the success of an event? 

The Speaker Ready Room is one of Enliven Production Group’s points of differentiation.  Our objective is to provide our clients and speakers peace of mind knowing that their presentation materials will be delivered seamlessly and as planned.  As they take the stage, the extra confidence our program instills helps each presenter put their best foot forward insuring maximum audience engagement.

Starting with a “virtual” Speaker Ready Room, Enliven provides a secure place for each company to submit all their sensitive, proprietary content.  Once received, we review and test it for system compatibility.  Prior to the event, presenters have direct access to our team for additional support with any special needs or related services.  

“Our goal is to provide the
highest level of comfort and confidence
in the presenters, and their teams,
before they leave the room.” 

Once they arrive on site, presenters are encouraged to visit the “physical” Speaker Ready Room, which is typically a quiet, dedicated space.  Here they can review media, submit presentations (if not done already), make last-minute changes, and request additional stage support items such as extra microphones, chairs, water, and more.  Our experienced technicians are available before, during and after the daily programs to review their material. Plus, we maintain an appropriate level of staff to ensure minimal wait times.  Our goal is to provide the highest level of comfort and confidence in the presenters, and their teams, before they leave the room.

Beyond the presenter’s experience, our Speaker Ready Room Team uses a secure network to host all presentations and media for the entire event location.  This allows constant real-time communication with the technical systems in every meeting room, ensuring the engineers always receive the most current and accurate presentation materials.

In addition to the Speaker Ready Room, Enliven offers a Green Room Package that’s fully equipped with mirrors, fans and make-up artists.  This dedicated personal-preparation area provides a quiet place for presenters to rehearse while becoming familiar with remote controls and other interactive technical equipment, proper microphone techniques, and stage presence coaching.  Optional make-up artists apply the proper makeup to create a natural look for live video broadcasts and recordings, and to make sure every presenter looks their best.

Enliven Production Group’s Speaker Ready Room program is a key element of presentation best practices for anyone speaking in a general session, track, breakout room, or any special event.  We pride ourselves as being an invaluable partner to our clients, who works seamlessly together, listening and delivering flawless sessions.  Our Speaker Ready Room program is fundamental for this success.