Rehearsal Support



“Before everything else, getting ready is the secret of success.” - Henry Ford

You’ve finalized your event dates, venue and theme, organized your sessions, and assembled your presenters.  Knowing that practice makes perfect, you’ve even scheduled presentation rehearsals a day or two in advance. 

“Even a short run-through
can be beneficial.”

It’s true, rehearsals are pivotal to the success of every presentation. They allow speakers to work through their content, help reveal issues or inconsistencies in their delivery, all while allowing them to become familiar with the technical equipment and venue atmosphere. Even a short run-through can be beneficial. Unfortunately, not all rehearsals happen as planned.  We often see that some presenters don’t arrive at the venue in time, or where the presentation team believed they didn’t need to rehearse, only to change their minds last minute. Last minute full-rehearsal requests can be challenging to fulfill.

To insure every presenter has the opportunity to practice and put their best foot forward, Enliven offers several rehearsal options:

  • The most traditional practice is to schedule rehearsal times at the venue. To rehearse in the actual meeting rooms, those rooms, the technical staff, and completion of the technical equipment may need to be ordered one or two days prior to the event.

  • Should the presenters or the rooms not be available, or as a convenient option, Enliven can build the rehearsal stage at the customer’s facility. All the necessary equipment is shipped and assembled for a full production rehearsal. And for added familiarity, we can schedule the same Enliven staff as for the event.

  • Another great option, the Enliven Rehearsal Stage is available at our facility in Phoenix. This fully customizable in-house rehearsal stage offers a convenient, single destination for presenters from multiple locations.

Whichever method is chosen, during the rehearsal, Enliven’s experienced staff will guide your presenters on how to properly use remote-control devices, confidence monitors, teleprompters and other interactive equipment.  They will demonstrate proper microphone etiquette, provide stage direction and speech coaching.  And prior to rehearsals, Enliven can provide scripting services, if needed.

The more comfortable a presenter is the more likely they will deliver an effective and successful presentation, insuring the audience receives your message loud and clear.

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