Pre-Event Support



Creating a smooth-running event is not for the
faint of heart.

There are many questions to ask and many details to consider. The unasked questions and the smallest details have the potential to cause the most chaos. An experienced event team knows what questions to ask and that no detail is too small. Enliven offers a pre-event support process that aides in ensuring a program’s success with an in-depth understanding of the vision, venue and equipment.

“At Enliven Production Group we have seen just about everything …”

Enliven welcomes the opportunity to assist with these steps:

  • Systematic venue investigation(s) - Before a location is booked, a physical site visit is conducted to evaluate if the venue’s meeting rooms and other event locations are appropriate for the client’s needs, and that their accessibility and dimensions will support the technical provisions. For example, are there any undesirable features that may affect the audience's visibility or projected video images, such as low hanging chandeliers or large windows distributing sunlight?

    Street and loading dock access must be reviewed to determine if there are any shipping truck size constraints. An equipment pathway inspection, including hallways, doorways and freight elevator sizes, is conducted to ensure all event items fit and are deliverable to their destination. And the venue’s event schedule is reviewed for adequate set-up and teardown time.

  • Comprehensive technical design - Along with the technical and scenic equipment for the event, consideration needs to be given to the desired production services that will clearly deliver the customer’s message and brand as well as meet the needs of the audience. Examples of production services include smart 3D CAD event drawings, creative media content and even a custom mobile event app.

    • 3D CAD, or computer-aided design, is software used to create precise technical drawings or illustrations. At Enliven Production Group, we use 3D CAD to create scaled drawings of each event. These drawings are not only a useful planning tool, but also provide a detailed visual of the event, which helps show clients exactly what to expect from the floor plan to the branded stage, and even table arrangements and decor.

    • Engaging and creative graphic content is also used to deliver a clear, concise and consistent message to the attendees. This includes media / video content creation, digital slide templates for consistent presentation design and formatting, scenic backdrops, digital signage for meeting agendas and directions, branded charging stations and printed banners. All of these are used to promote the customer’s brand, image, and culture at an event.

    • Enliven offers a secure, top of the industry, customized mobile event app. This app is available in both native and web-based formats and is designed and delivered by our team. Its robust capabilities include live audience response, quick meetings, contact exchange, PDF annotation and gamification, in addition to many standard features. Plus, the content in our mobile event app can be managed and updated in real-time, enhancing your attendee’s experience, and ensuring that we don’t add to the planner’s stress and workload.

  • Timelines and Production Schedules - Once the pre-event evaluations are done, Enliven develops a timeline for the development of all the tools, contacts and content prior to an event. Once this is approved by the planning team, relevant information is shared with the venue, vendors and crew, ensuring that everyone and everything is on the same page to delivering a seamless event experience.

At Enliven Production Group we have seen just about everything – and more importantly, these experiences have led us to a seamless pre-event process that benefits clients of all sizes and in all industries. Contact us today to find out what we can do to make your next event a resounding success.