We Have You Covered; Your Presentations are Safe with Us



Safe file and content delivery is our top priority.

Whether you’re an established, multi-million-dollar company or a brand-new start up, keeping business files and sensitive information about your organization secure is a sacred duty. Sharing that information outside the organization can be worrisome, even when you’re presenting at a conference, seminar or corporate meeting. What happens if those documents or data fall into the wrong hands?

At Enliven Production Group, we understand the importance of handling highly sensitive and proprietary company information in the safest and most secure way possible.  When we manage special events, meetings and conferences, our clients and presenters rest easy.  Here are some key reasons why:

  • We use a dedicated, secure network and protected cloud storage for all content.

  • Programs are assigned a dedicated, specialized team who are granted access to the sensitive files.

  • Clients and presenters have personal access and control over their digital media at all times.

  • A dedicated Speaker Ready Room is provided to help presenters prepare and keep their files organized and up to date.

In fact, our Speaker Ready Room is designed ground-up for providing a responsible and efficient way to handle sensitive information and keep private information private until show time. We encourage speakers to send their presentations to Enliven well in advance, so that they can stay organized in a devoted and secure place. Planning ahead makes sure their files are in great shape before stepping onto the stage. [Read More About Our Speaker Ready Room Here.]



Thanks to this turn-key production and file management system, clients and presenters have:

  • Private, direct access to their materials and the ability to retrieve delivered presentations after they are uploaded to the Enliven network.

  • Before and during the event, the presenter or their team can modify the presentation, too. Even updates in real time are possible because we know that some information – financial statements, for example - must present the latest and most current information.

That’s one way Enliven’s system stands out from other production companies.  This integral tool helps clients and presenters effectively manage their time, reduce their stress, and ensure a seamless presentation – each and every time. Relaxed, prepared speakers are more likely to set the right tone for their presentation - and everyone wants to look good to the attendees.

At Enliven Production Group, we understand that securely managing a company’s information is a core responsibility. We take great pride in our presentation support to speakers, and in knowing that our client and presenters’ files are up to date and safe, yet easily accessible.

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