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ANthony Valcic

Technical Producer


For more than 30 years, Anthony’s roles within the AV, broadcast and event production industry have included Technical Director, Production Management, Stage Management and Producer. He’s worked on live events with audiences up to 40,000 people, with some productions broadcast to as many as 2 billion viewers. 

As Technical Producer for Enliven, Anthony oversees all technical elements – everything from audio, visual, lighting and scenic – for corporate events, trade shows and meetings. His job is to communicate with people inside and outside the company to ensure that the technical aspects operate seamlessly. 

“My position at Enliven gets me excited to show up to work every day. Because I’m learning new skills and taking them to the next level. Not a day goes by without learning something new, and sharing my experience with others,” he says.

Anthony’s clients have included Amazon, all major television networks, Boeing Company, Google, Hyundai USA, Mary Kay, Nike, the Salt Lake 2002 Winter Olympic Games, Toyota Motors Inc., and Unisys. He’s also worked with international music performers and in venues around the world from Aruba to South Korea, Canada to Singapore. 

Anthony moved to Phoenix 16 years ago from Southern California, falling in love with the 300+ days of sunshine and positive family environment. Being outdoors – sports, walking and hiking – and his family are a big deal to Anthony. He’s got five daughters, including a set of twins. Three are in or graduating from college, while his youngest is a young teen.