Alberto Rodríguez

Graphic Design


Alberto Rodriguez has spent more than a decade cultivating his creative abilities to become a great visual communicator. His experience and work as a graphic designer as well as a graphics technician have allowed him to consistently exceed Enliven’s clients’ expectations. Alberto loves putting his flair for the creative to work in helping clientele share their company vision and tell their story in the most captivating way possible.

His past experiences have provided Alberto with an in-depth understanding of printing materials and processes, and the ability to manage multiple projects at one time. He knows how to choose the appropriate media and style to create design solutions that have high visual impact.

Before joining Enliven, Alberto worked in the digital prepress business where he designed printing material and packaging. He presented and communicated creative solutions to marketing, sales and external clients. He also worked closely with advertising agencies to create eye-catching and innovative point-of-purchase materials to display the clients’ products, promotions and services. During his career, Alberto has worked with many worldwide clients such as the Coca-Cola brand and SC Johnson to conceptualize, design and produce content for a variety of print media and online promotional materials. 

Alberto strives to improve himself both professionally and personally. He believes the process of acquiring knowledge never stops. He enjoys traveling to events and shows to perform in technical positions as needed including presentation manager, speaker prep staff and graphics operator. He works diligently to keep himself and the company up-to-date on the latest creative software and techniques. 

Alberto graduated from Atlantic University College, Guaynabo Puerto Rico with a Bachelor of Arts in digital design. In his free time, Alberto enjoys reading and spending time with friends and family.